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Superintendent Update: SBRC MSA approval

posted Jan 22, 2015, 9:06 AM by TC Administrator
I am sure many people in the community have already heard Tri-Center's request for a second year of Modified Supplemental Amount of $480,244 was granted by the School Budget Review Committee (SBRC) yesterday afternoon.  This is very good news for our school district and community, but does not mean we are finished addressing this concern.  A few items to keep in mind with this are listed below:

1. The request being approved means Tri-Center was granted spending authority.

2. Tri-Center will still need to make significant reductions to General Fund expenses to regain a healthy level of Unspent Authorized Budget and Spending Authority.  

3.  This decision will help Tri-Center recover financially much more quickly.

4.  Although reductions still need to be made, this will allow the district to make fewer reductions than if our request had been denied.

We will continue to work with financial consultants, staff, and administration to plan the necessary reductions and long-term financial planning.  Please call or email me with any further questions about our SBRC approval.


Dr. Tony Weers, Ed.D.
Tri-Center Community Schools