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Survey for parents of students receiving special education services

posted Apr 27, 2018, 10:08 AM by TC Administrator
Attention Parents: The Iowa Department of Education is requesting that all parents of a child receiving special education services complete the survey below.  This information was also sent out by email a few weeks ago, but we would like to remind you to complete this survey by June 30th if you have not already.

Below is the letter from the Iowa Department of Education:

Dear Parent,

Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) requires states to report the percent of parents with a child receiving special education services who report that schools facilitated parent involvement as a means of improving services and results for children with IEPs.

The Iowa Department of Education is gathering these data as a census for both students with and without an IEP using a brief survey.

Survey Link - Survey Information

Please use the link above to answer the following questions for each of your children. The survey will allow you to answer these questions for up to five children.

  • -  How old was your child on January 1, 2018? (choose 3-21)

  • -  What is your child’s race or ethnicity? (choose American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or

    African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, Two or More Races,


  • -  Does your child have an Individualized Education Program – IEP? (y/n)

  • -  Did the school your child is currently attending facilitate (request, encourage or initiate) your

    involvement as a means of improving services and results for your child? (y/n)


    The survey will be open March 26th through June 30th.

  • Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter.