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Transitional Kindergarten, 3 year old Preschool and the Before/After Care FAQ

posted May 19, 2017, 9:07 AM by TC Administrator

Frequently Asked Questions:  

I have taken several calls and a number of emails from people interested in the Transitional Kindergarten, the 3 year old Preschool and the Before/After Care.  While I am compiling this document to help families with their decisions, if you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call (485-2257) or email me (  The deadline is nearing, and I want to give you the best information I can.  

Thanks.  Angie Huseman, Superintendent

Will there be enough interest to offer all of these programs?

I will not be able to answer that question until we know numbers.  So, if you are waiting to send in your child’s paperwork until you know for sure, you need to send it in now as the Board and I will have to make decisions on whether or not to offer based on the applications we have in by the 23rd.  At that time, we will look at the numbers and determine what programs, if any, we will offer for the 2017-18 school year.  

TC’s possible PK 3 program

Why is the 3 year old PK program so much more expensive than the 4 year old program?

The school receives funding for 4 year olds in our Preschool program, but we will not receive funding for 3 year olds. Because of this, we need to set a price which we feel will offset our costs.

Will there be as many days off as the 4 year old preschool program had this year?

There will be days off as teachers are expected to have additional Professional Development days.  

Will we have to pay for scheduled days off / snow days / Holiday breaks?

If there are days off during the week, there will be adjusted pricing.  Additionally, if this program has enough interest to run, along with a Before/After Care, there will be day care available on the days when there is no preschool.

Will there be any economic assistance for the cost of the 3 year old preschool?  

At this point, no.  However, if we have enough people interested in the daycare portion of the program, there MIGHT be some assistance for the daycare portion through DHS.  Though at this point, it is impossible for me to give a real good answer.

Will they get a nap in the afternoon?  


Are they able to take the bus to & from if they are with older siblings?

3 year olds CAN ride the bus.  Having said that, if I was the parent of a 3 year old whom I was putting on the bus, I would feel better knowing that an older student would be available to keep an extra eye on the youngster.

Will there be a registration fee?

No.  Your registration fee is your first week’s cost.

Will there be an option to pay all fees up front at once?  If so, will a discount be offered?

At this point, we will not have that option.  If we are able to do that once the session would get underway, we will offer it at that point.

Will lunch and milk fees be the same amount as the rest of the school?


Will the snack be provided by the school?


Will 3 year olds need to go through the PK screening?


If a child is currently potty training, and for some reason does not finish successfully before school begins, will they be able to be pulled from the program and refunded?                                        

Many young children will have an occasional toileting accident; we do not expect perfection in this area. If this becomes a daily issue, the teacher and the parent will discuss what is best for the child.

If a child struggles or is unable to stay in the program, can they be pulled from the program without having to pay tuition or fees after being pulled?

Again, the teacher and parent will work together to make the best decision for the student.  If those interventions are unsuccessful, yes, a student can exit the program.  We want every student to be successful and will work to that end.