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Abel, Josh MS Science Website Planbook 
Alfers, Kelly Art, HS/MS  Planbook 
Andersen, Georgiann MS Math Website Planbook 
Ausdemore, Donna Teacher Associate   
Baatz, Michelle 5th Grade Website  
Baker, Claudia Music Teacher   
Baker, Vince Teacher Associate   
Batula, Juan Math Teacher Website Planbook 
Berg, Michaela Teacher Associate   
Brockhoff, Kristina Teacher Associate   
Bruck, Raymond Bus Driver    
Bruck, Theresa Food Service    
Chmelka, Brenda JH Language Arts/HS College Comp I/II Website Planbook 
Christensen, Cheryl Food Service    
Christiansen, Nancy MS Secretary   
Courtier, Kerry Custodian    
Deuel, Douglas Teacher Associate   
Dollen, Kelly Superintendent Secretary   
Elliott, Dan Social Studies & Teacher Ed. Website Planbook 
Elliott, Sarah HS Language Arts & Publications Website Planbook 
Fah, Susie Preschool Website  
Finken, Kelli Kindergarten Website  
Fischer, Jonette Elementary Secretary   
Freeman, Nealy HS Language Arts  Planbook 
Grap, Barbara Teacher Associate / Bus Driver   
Guarino, Becky Teacher Associate / Bus Driver   
Guill, Amanda Teacher Associate   
Hamilton, Alyssa Elementary Special Ed Resource Website  
Handbury, Linnea Teacher Associate   
Harder, Chad MS / HS Principal Website  
Harman, Tami Guidance Counselor (7-12), HS Health, MS Careers   
Harris, Cassie HS Science / Athletic Director Website Planbook 
Hart, Paul Instrumental Music (5-12) Website Planbook 
Hazen, Mark Title I Reading Website  
Heck, Paula Preschool Website  
Helgenberger, Jami Elementary Principal   
Hensley, Andy HS Fitness Website Planbook 
Hoffman, Machenzie Special Education Website  
Hough, Teresa Teacher Associate   
Hulsebus, Susan Food Service    
Huseman, Angela Superintendent   
Jarrett, Dennis MS Social Studies/Exploratory Website Planbook 
Jarrett, Holly HS Math Website Planbook 
Jensen, Jennifer 3rd Grade Website  
Jenson, Kiley K-12 TAG Website  
Johnson, Gene HS History Website Planbook 
Kozeal, Angela Kindergarten Website  
Kozeal, Max 6th Grade / Reading & Language / Bus Driver Website Planbook 
Krohn, Kim MS Resource   
Kunze, Kyle Bus Driver    
Larsen, Roger 2nd Grade Website  
Lausen, Wendy HS Business   
Lefeber, Jeff Soccer Coach    
Lefeber, Mary Library Associate   
Lilley, Margaret HS/JH Family Consumer Science Website Planbook 
Long, Kate Teacher Associate   
Lund, Debbie Food Service    
Lyons, Liz K-5 Art Website  
Mathias, Amy 3rd Grade Website  
Matson, Wendy 1st Grade Website  
McGee, Jennifer School Nurse   
McKee, Kristie Teacher Associate   
McKenzie, Rhonda Business Manager / Board Secretary   
McMinemee, Josie Ag./Industrial Tech   
Milliken, Justin 5th Grade Website  
Munch, Bobbi Teacher Associate   
Nelson, Bob Custodian    
Neukirch, Jim Custodian    
Newman, Mike Head Engineer   
Nielsen, Beth 1st Grade Website  
Ohlinger, Bev HS Resource Room Website Planbook 
Overgaard, Terry Bus Driver    
Payne, Brad Bus Driver    
Payne, Rick Transportation Coordinator   
Petersen, Leigh Ann 4th Grade Website  
Plambeck, Sam Bus Driver    
Ring, Casey Instructional Coach   
Ring, Pam Library Associate   
Rohatsch, Lynsey Teacher Associate   
Schmitz, Matt Technology Director   
Schroder, Pam Preschool Website  
Schueman, Beth 3rd Grade Website  
Sibert, Cindy Teacher Associate   
Smith, Jennifer High School Secretary    
Sorenson, Shelly 6th Grade Website Planbook 
Staben, Chelsey 4th Grade   
Stane, Dillon HS Science   Planbook 
Theulen, Julie 6-12 Special Education / Bus Driver   
Thomas, Becky K-8 Physical Education Website  
Uhlarik, Audree Special Ed Resource   
Wellman, Tracy Food Service Director   
Wellman, Wendy Kindergarten Website  
Wiggins, Judy 4th Grade Website  
Wilke, Connie Custodian / Food Service    
Wilson, Sherry 1st Grade   
Wingert, Amy 2nd Grade Website  
Wohlhuter, Brian Bus Driver    
Zmolek, Bryanna Spanish Teacher Website Planbook 
Showing 98 items