“Committed to Maximizing Student Potential”

Tri-Center is a member of the Western Iowa Conference. The 40-acre campus is located near I-80 and I-680 interchange between rolling hills of bean and corn fields in southwest Iowa; 25 miles northeast of Omaha/Council Bluffs, and 100 miles west of Des Moines, Iowa. The district employs over 100 staff members who take part in educating and serving nearly 700 students each year in Pre-K through 12, from the communities of Neola, Minden, Persia, Beebeetown, and surrounding areas.

Tri-Center takes great pride in the academic, activity and athletic programs that are provided for its students. Opportunities and challenges abound at T-C, and these have resulted in a tremendous amount of successes and achievements on the part of the students and staff.

  • All buildings/facilities located on one 40-acre campus near I-80 and I-680 interchange
  • Rural setting that offers good, safe country living 30 minutes from the metro area
  • Elementary remodeled in 2007; Middle School constructed in 1996
  • 3 sections per grade level in most cases for grades K-6 (small class sizes for more effective instruction)
  • Newly renovated High School and New High School addition completed in September 2010
  • 1:1 Chromebook program for grades 2 through 12; iPads in lower Elementary classrooms
  • All day every day kindergarten
  • K-12 drug education, social skills and character education programs
  • Advanced Placement and college credit courses at the High School level
  • A greenhouse for Vocational Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Rigorous academic requirements with traditionally high testing scores
  • Excellent, comprehensive fine arts programs
  • Athletic complex -- features a football/soccer stadium and practice fields, softball complex, baseball complex and an eight lane all-weather track
  • 3 gyms, a multi-purpose building for wrestling / baseball / softball / auxiliary groups and a large weight training / fitness facility
  • 98% average daily attendance and 99% graduation rate
  • Traditionally High Achievement Testing Scores
  • Comprehensive Academic, Activity and Athletic Programs—Rigorous Academic Requirements
  • 3 Year Old and Standard Preschool Programs
  • 98% Average Daily Attendance (K-12)
  • 100% Graduation Rate

Tours of the buildings/facilities are always available upon request or simply by stopping in at one of the building offices.

State Reports

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Vision, Mission, Beliefs and Philosophy


The Tri-Center Community School District has a school improvement advisory committee that is appointed by the school board and meets twice per year with the participation of students, parents, teachers, classified staff, administrators, community members, and business representatives. Committee membership reflects the diversity of our community in terms of gender, age, and socio-economic status.

The district encourages and receives input from parents, students, and staff via questionnaires, graduate surveys, and community support groups on an annual basis. In 1998-99, 2002-03, and again in 2009-10 the district revisited the mission statement, district goals, belief statements, and student achievement goals through the efforts of the SIAC (School Improvement Advisory Committee) Through this process, the group proposed the following, which were adopted by the school board to be representative of the Tri-Center Community School District.


“Committed to Maximizing Student Potential”


  • All students can learn and succeed, although in different ways and at an individual pace.
  • Learning should take place in real-life contexts and should reflect the interrelated nature of subject areas. Using resources in the community can help students to understand how present learning is connected to future work experiences.
  • Learning should be approached as a life-long, continual process.
  • In order to function in a global society, students need to understand individual and cultural diversities.
  • It is the responsibility of everyone associated with the school to develop a climate that fosters positive self-concepts and self-esteem.
  • Learning occurs best in a safe, clean, attractive, and comfortable, non-threatening environment.
  • Students learn best when their unique personal, social, and academic needs are met by caring teachers and administrators.
  • Excellence will be achieved by hiring, nurturing, and retaining innovative teachers who are leaders in their field.
  • Learning occurs best when students are involved in a variety of academic and extra-curricular activities.
  • Self-discipline, personal responsibility, respect, and a commitment to a strong work ethic will be encouraged, expected, and exemplified.
  • Family and community support enhances the learning process.


Tri-Center Community Schools is committed to a philosophy of service to children; the objective of this philosophy is to help each child develop into a mature individual and contributing member of society. We believe that this objective can be met through a school program wide enough to scope and encompass the intellectual, physical, civic, social, and aesthetic education of children. We believe an effective public school program must be directed toward common needs of ALL children, however, we believe the emphasis must lie always on the unique needs of each individual child.