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Please email bids to

High School Gym Floor Sections

T-C will take bids for the following section of the gym floor:

  • 4’ x 12’ section containing the word Trojans There are two of these--top 2 bids will win

  • 6.5’ x 12.5’ section of half of the middle circle. There are two of these--top 2 bids will win. **Note--there will be holes where the volleyball standards would go--can’t guarantee how “clean” they can be removed.

  • 2’ x 2’ random section of the gym floor: $40

  • 4 x 8 random section of the gym floor: $100

  • All pieces will be available Saturday, April 10th, between 9:00 am and 12:00. Cash and carry.

  • If there is a different section of floor you would be interested in, email and we might consider opening that spot up for bids.

  • Submit all bids to

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Jet 10" Arbor Saw with 50 inch fence and legs

  • This is a Jet 10" Tilting Arbor Saw with a 50 inch fence and legs.

  • Model # JTAS-10XL-1.

  • Serial number: 9084364.

  • Measuring arm is not accurate and does not clamp to the table.

  • Lots of cosmetic defects but functions.

  • 230V

  • $250 or best offer.

Bretford PowerSync Cart for iPad Devices

iPad Charging Cart for up to 30 iPads. Carts currently have the old style 30 pin connector, but can be modified to use newer style cables. Power bank in cart has many USB ports to plug into and additional outlets. Carts would be great for iPad or USB device charging, but can also be modified for locked storage and a mobile tool cart. Multiple carts available.

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Computer LCD Monitors

  • Various LCD Computer Monitors with VGA or DVI Output.

  • Sizes vary.

  • 13" to 19".

  • Most monitors are 4:3 ratio.

  • $10 or best offer.

2002 Thomas Bus

  • 65 passenger

  • Freightliner Chasis

  • Cummings Engine

  • 135,000 miles

  • $1500 or best offer

Basketball Goals

  • Backboard and rim

  • 4 available

  • $100 or best offer

Tri-Center Trojans Wall Pad

  • $150 or best offer